Business English course: Learn English for Real!

This is not one of those english certificate programs that will start gathering dust minutes after you have obtained them. Instead, it is a fast-paced walk-through that covers the actual business situations that todays’ professionals have to face in real life.

The course is divided into four modules:


Making a good impression when you meet somebody is key to building new relationships. Learn how to present yourself and your work and start getting noticed for an opportunity to pitch your product or service to someone of your interest.

Contacting clients

In this module you will learn how to make a successful phone call or write that message on LinkedIn you have been putting off for way too long, so be afraid no more.

Public speaking

From designing a catchy presentation that will hook in your audience to coping with stage fright, this course will take you on an all-you-must-see tour around the most important aspects of public speaking.


Once you have sparked the interest of the attendees you cannot afford to lose momentum so walk into a meeting ready to steal the spotlight. Learn to move swiftly across multiple realistic scenarios and get closer to the deal that you are ultimately looking for.

This is a fast-paced walk-through that covers the actual business situations that will earn you that promotion or help you grow your business so if you want to make the most of this course be ready to work hard and give your very best.

 Who is it aimed at?

This course is aimed at seasoned professionals, owners of consolidated businesses, freelancers and first-time entrepreneurs alike.

If you are tired of excuses and are willing to walk the walk, it's time to make this happen.

The team

A translator and interpreter, Sara has always been attracted to the business world. She took the leap to the international consulting sector right after completing a Master’s Degree in International Commerce. Working in an international sales position for a multinational company sharpened her ability to face a wide range of commercial situations, which gave her the right tools and expertise to make the most of every networking event, anticipate clients’ reactions and eventually build her personal brand.

Antonio has years of experience as a copywriter in one of Germany’s top advertising agencies for leading companies in the automobile sector. His passion for words, his extensive language training and his deep knowledge of the business field led him to pursue a career in business English consulting and he is now a seasoned language professional. He is also pursuing a Master’s Degree in Executive Coaching, Leadership and Emotional Intelligence and believes that fostering self-awareness, discipline and hard work are key to growing a sustainable business.


Where: Impact Hub Piamonte, Piamonte, 23, 28004 Madrid.

When: classes will be taught Monday through ThursdayApr 01, 17:30 – May 09, 19:00

Price390 € Impact Hub members / 500 € non members.